Here is the live status of TimeWellScheduled. We use a third party service that monitors our servers from multiple locations across the world. If any location notices an interruption, it will show on this report in real time.

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Server delays
Posted on Friday September 06, 2019

Sorry we had a replication issue on one of the servers that was fixed 10min ago. It only impacted 1 of the servers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Service downtime tonight
Posted on Friday March 22, 2019

Starting at 12am EDT today, Mar 22 we will be doing a database upgrade to the server. This *may* cause slowness from the system as we make this change. All changes should take less than 2 hours.

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Back to full systems
Posted on Thursday March 14, 2019

Earlier this morning our systems came back online, back to our original setup. Google is still investigating and will keep us posted. Performance should no longer be slower than normal. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this.  

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Service update – Google status
Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2019

Our team is still working with Google to solve the server issues from last night and today. Just wanted to share that the issue was not directly at our level, but google’s cloud services (you can see here Here is a snippet from their site:

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Temporary outages
Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2019

We may have temporary outages through the day as Google works to restore out primary servers. The downtime should be minimal when it happens. We are also running on a single server (vs our normal 2) so if the site seems a little slower than normal, that is why.  

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