Here is the live status of TimeWellScheduled. We use a third party service that monitors our servers from multiple locations across the world. If any location notices an interruption, it will show on this report in real time.

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CA Datacenter



Server issues from yesterday – March 19, 2020
Posted on Friday March 20, 2020

We completed all server and infrastructure fixes as of 5pm yesterday. In the end we brought another server online to address the load. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this caused and will be watching the entire system closely the next few days.  

[UPDATE] Server issue – Mar 19, 2020
Posted on Thursday March 19, 2020

Just a quick update, it looks like we had some sort of denial of service hit on our hosting environment. We are taking measures to fix this ASAP.

Server issue – Mar 19, 2020
Posted on Thursday March 19, 2020

We’ve noticed one of our servers responding shortly. Hosting is looking into this and addressing the issue. We expect to be down for a short moment. Update 11:30am – It looks like we are being hit with an overload of requests. We are not sure why, we are working on it. Update 12:00pm – Services […]

Server delays
Posted on Friday September 06, 2019

Sorry we had a replication issue on one of the servers that was fixed 10min ago. It only impacted 1 of the servers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Service downtime tonight
Posted on Friday March 22, 2019

Starting at 12am EDT today, Mar 22 we will be doing a database upgrade to the server. This *may* cause slowness from the system as we make this change. All changes should take less than 2 hours.